Planning & Community Development

Since 1909, when the City of Boerne was incorporated, growth management has been a complex issue. It is the Planning and Community Development Department’s responsibility to work with individuals, developers, and city staff to implement city policy while facilitating community objectives

The Purpose of the Planning and Zoning Department is to provide planning, preservation and design services to make Boerne a thriving community of lasting value.


The City of Boerne Planning and Community Development Department is responsible for the implementation of the city’s zoning ordinance (PDF), subdivision ordinance (PDF), and other ordinances as they pertain to the city’s growth and development;

  • Review of development and/or site plans and ensuring compliance with city ordinances, regulations, and codes and then to process for review by the Planning and Zoning Commission; the Planning and Zoning Commission then approves those requests or recommends them to the City Council.
  • Processing requests for the Historic Landmark Commission that individuals or businesses located in the Historic District propose for development or change; the Historic Landmark Commission approves those requests or recommends them to the City Council.
  • Companies and community service entities request grants for various projects; those grants are processed and tracked through the Planning and Community Services Department.
  • Coordinating with the Boerne Kendall County Economic Development Corporation and the City Economic Development Work Plan (PDF).
  • Providing public information to applicants and the evaluation of applications for land subdivision, site development, variances, easements, zoning, and more.

City Growth

The Planning and Zoning Department is responsible for guiding the city’s long range planning efforts and the implementation of the city’s comprehensive plan for future growth and development. This department also provides census and demographic information, in addition to growth and development information to the community for projecting population, building, and development trends and impacts.

Support of Commissions & Boards

Planning and Development staff also serve as the support for the Planning and Zoning Commission, and Historic Review Board.