Non-Annexation Agreement

Some properties will be offered non-annexation agreements.  A Non-annexation agreement offers the property owner the option to continue current use of land for agricultural, wildlife, or timber management. The non-annexation agreement allows the property to continue to be in the ETJ and delay annexation until the property is developed or the use is changed. Properties identified for non-annexation agreement offers will receive an option for non-annexation for 10 years, with no change in current use of the property, with the option to renew the non-annexation agreement for up to 45 years maximum.   

Non-annexation agreements allow property owners to stay outside of city limits, continue the current use of their property and not pay city taxes. The non-annexation agreement protects the City by providing some guarantee that the property will not develop without following city ordinances for a specific time period or until the property is developed or the use changes, whichever occurs first. If the properties subject to the non-annexation agreements develop their property or change the use, then they must petition for voluntary annexation.