Boerne Tries a New Hot Beverage: CHAMPURRADO!

Champurrado at Joaquin's Panaderia y Mas in BoerneMove over hot chocolate and apple cider, there is a new winter beverage in town. Meet CHAMPURRADO! I stumbled upon this tasty treasure at Joaquin’s Panaderia y Mas, down on the Hill Country Mile here in Boerne. To be completely honest, this hot drink has been warming hearts and tummies for quite some time according to owners Jeff & Lettie Alvarez. Like, think pre-Colombian times, among the Aztecs & Mayans.

Made with Love at Joaquin's Panaderia y Mas

Jeff loves giving out tastes and samples in the store, because he loves sharing his family traditions with the community. He grew up the son of a baker in San Antonio. I was told that champurrado is an acquired taste for some, so it’s nice that you can give the beverage a test drive before you commit to a full cup. After my first cup, I could count myself among the Champurrado Fan Club members!

The recipe below has been passed along from generation to generation through Lettie’s family and she has fond memories of making it with her grandmother. It was important to her grandmother to share the techniques and this recipe because it’s becoming a lost tradition within the Mexican culture. Lettie comes in and makes the Champurrado at Joaquin’s. Jeff, shared with me that he had not had the drink prior to meeting Lettie, but he really likes it.

Tamales from Chilito's in BoerneChampurrado Background

Traditionally, Champurrado is drunk during Dia De Los Muertos (Day of the Dead, following Halloween) & Las Posadas (the Christmas Season), in the mornings alongside churros as a breakfast food or in the afternoon as a snack. It’s also a popular beverage to have with tamales (sweet or savory). Boerne locals love Chilito’s tamales. Be warned, he’s very busy this time of year and you will need to preorder your tamales.

How to Make Champurrado


5 c. Water

1 Piloncillo (or Panela, unrefined whole cane sugar, which can be purchased in some grocery stores)

5 c. Whole Milk

1 can Condensed Milk

2 c. Masa (Lettie says her grandmother ALWAYS made her own masa, but it is possible to find it premade)

2 c. Sugar

2 tablets of Mexican Chocolate

2 tsp. Vanilla


Mexican ChocolateThe Process:

Step 1: Completely dissolve the Piloncillo in the 5 cups of water.

Step 2: Warm the Whole Milk & can of Condensed Milk in a separate pot.

Step 3: Prepare Masa. If you purchased premade Masa this will be a super easy step.

Step 4: Put the Masa into a blender and slowly add the Water/Piloncillo mixture together and blend to a thick shake consistency.

Step 5: Make sure the remaining Piloncillo mixture is boiling and add the “Masa Milkshake”. Stir consistently in one direction until the contents appears to be cooked. You will notice that the color will darken and become similar in consistency to cream of wheat.

Step 6: Add the warm milk mixture and stir until incorporated.

Step 7: Add Sugar, Mexican Chocolate and Vanilla. Stir until incorporated.

Step 8: Pour into your favorite mug and enjoy with a Churro!

This is quite the labor of love compared to making a cup of hot chocolate from a little packet, but it’s well worth it. The good news is you can swing by and order up a cup of Champurrado and a Churro to enjoy in house or take it to go from Joaquin’s Panaderia y Mas during this holiday season.