Saturday, September 28, 2019 - 8:00am
243 Farm To Market Rd 473
Comfort, TX 78013


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ThunderDash is a 5K mob run with obstacles that include but are not limited to mud, climbing, mud, crawling, mud, jumping etc. The obstacles are man-made, nature-made, man-made natural obstacles, and naturally man-made obstacles. In order to prevent runners from getting a sneak-peak, the location will remain confidential for as long as possible. 

Participants take off in waves of up to 250 throughout the day. All but one of the waves is open to all age groups and genders. Waves will release every 20 minutes beginning at 8:20am and continuing until 10:40am! The 11:30am wave is for girls and women only, called the Femme Fatale Wave. 

Call it what you want….mob run, obstacle run, mud run, it all equals lots and lots of fun!


243 Farm To Market Rd 473
ComfortTX  78013