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Kendall County Fair

It’s almost Kendall County Fair time y’all (August 30- September 2) and local blogger, Shawna Holly of Sowing Seeds is guest blogging today about her first time at the fair last year! If you’ve never been, here is an inside look at the event so you can start working on your Labor Day weekend plans!

 108 Oak ParkExciting times are ahead for the Boerne Visitor Center! We will begin moving into a temporary location next week while our permanent location on the north end of the Hill Country Mile is constructed.

Get ready because Restaurant Week is almost here! Unique, high-quality dining experiences are something that many visitors and locals love about Boerne, and Culinaria’s Restaurant Week is about to make its way back to town! “Dine Out and Dig In” at 110 exceptional restaurants around San Antonio, Boerne and New Braunfels.

Second Generation of Cave Without A Name Memories Visiting a well-loved tourist attraction decades later with your kiddos can be almost as magical as experiencing it for the first time! The Cave Without A Name is a fieldtrip staple for every elementary school and summer camp in the Boerne area.

Are you looking for ways to maximize your weekdays here in Boerne? There are so many places in town that keep the fun going even when the weekend comes to a close. We are here to let you know that the drinks, the games, the music, and the laughs don’t have to stop. You can enjoy all the fun Boerne has to offer on just about any day of the week! Grab a group of friends or family and get the weeknight Boerne experience!

Imagine this: it’s Sunday morning and you’ve either just woken up from catching a few extra ZZZ’s, or you were just dismissed from your weekly church service. No matter how your day starts, you are bound to have a rumble in the pit of your stomach, and we have just the fix! We think you can agree, weekends and vacations were made for brunchin’!

Whether you are just visiting or live here, there are many options for a great workout in Boerne. Local fitness enthusiast and blogger, Victoria Sparks, shares her favorite workout discoveries around Boerne, so read on and get ready to “glisten.”

So, you just finished your 2018 spring cleaning. We say, “out with the old, and in with the new!” Now that you’ve literally “cleaned house”, fill your home again with beautiful furnishings that light up your home with a Hill Country flare. There are a handful of stores on our Hill Country Mile that specialize and focus on home décor.

What does Independence Day mean to you? For many it means cookouts, fun in the sun, the anticipation of those beautiful, booming explosions in the sky, time spent with loved ones, and a reminder of how fortunate we are to live as freely as we do. If you love this holiday as much as we do, you’re going to love all the ways you can celebrate it this year here in Boerne.

Shop-a-PaloozaWhat could be better than winning awesome prizes and CASH just for shopping and dining in Boerne? If you’re planning on having a Hill Country Mile adventure, may we suggest scheduling it for Saturday, June 23rd? Boerne Parks and Recreation and the Boerne retailers have collaborated to add a new and exciting event: Boerne Shop-A Palooza!


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