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What do the Indy 500, Carnegie Hall, NFL Stadiums, The Kennedy Center and Boerne Champion High School Auditorium have in common?  All have hosted the world’s first classically-trained garage band…TIME FOR THREE!  Performing music from Bach and Brahms to their own arrangements of The Beatles, Katy Perry, Kanye West and Justin Timberlake, Time for Three (Tf3 for short) is a charismatic ensemble with a reputation for limitless enthusiasm and no musical boundaries.

And who specifically has heard them perform?  
• Paul Newman (Actor) - ”To hear these three young guys is to be thankful that music was invented.  If I had been able to create a sound like these kids a few years back, I might have thought twice about going into acting!”
• Sir Simon Rattle (Conductor, Berlin Philharmonic) - ”Time for Three is the future of music.  Three benevolent monsters, monsters of ability and technique, but also conveyers of an infectious joy that I find both touching and moving.”

Boerne Performing Arts will present Time for Three’s debut in Boerne on March 25, 2014.

Can you envision a show that blends the international dance troupes of “Riverdance” and “Tap Dogs”?  How about the fusion of two previous Boerne Performing Artists…“Bowfire” (2012) and “Celtic Nights” (2013)? 

The StepCrew combines all four, featuring the world’s top talents in Irish Step, Ottawa Valley and modern tap.  With a cast arriving from Canada and Ireland, Boerne will be providing some hometown hospitality to an electrifying performance whose stars have captivated audiences at Royal Albert Hall in London to the Walt Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles.

Several members of The StepCrew also tour with Ireland’s Music Ambassadors, The Chieftains, whose founder Paddy Malone lionized, “The StepCrew does not simply draw their audience in, they take them by the hand and remind us what dance is meant to be about – fun!”

Boerne Performing Arts will present The StepCrew in Boerne on February 10, 2014.

Holey, Dooley!  D’ya know blokes from down under are comin’ to Texas to find them some utes.  Here’s the drum on their trip to Boerne…

The mates, aka THE TEN TENORS, will arrive with their hugely anticipated brand new show, The Ten Tenors on Broadway.  This dynamic live experience is a wonderful collection of Broadway’s most-loved classics sung by ten of Australia’s hottest tenors, with a powerful mix of theatrical showstoppers and heart-melting ballads as they take on some of the greatest show tunes in the world.

The Lingo on the Aussie’s international successes:
• 3.5 million concert tickets sold across seven continents (Boerne Performing Arts will sell 3.5 thousand tickets to Kendall Country Residents in 2014)
• Recorded 6 albums, including four gold and two platinum (Boerne Performing Arts has successfully presented 6 performances in their first two years of operations)
• 14 successful years touring as a group of down-to-earth Aussie blokes asserting their power and finesse that only THE TEN TENORS can deliver.
• Most watched performance of THE TEN TENORS - Oprah’s Ultimate Australian Adventure (10 million viewers)

Boerne Performing Arts will present The Ten Tenors on Broadway in Boerne on January 27, 2014.

But wait…an artist that is out of this world????  The VOCAPEOPLE will arrive from the planet VOCA with a purely vocal performance that will send you into orbit!!!

What began as an overnight YouTube sensation (over 5 million viewers in the first 4 months) has now created a great buzz and has dazzled audiences in over 25 countries around the globe, from South America, North America, Europe, Asia and the Middle East.  Yes, this unique vocal and visual group will appear in one exclusive show in Boerne, Texas!!!

Think Blue Man Group without their instruments and the image you concoct are eight vocal acrobats who are literally out of this world with their a cappella harmonies and the art of Beat Box!

Boerne Performing Arts will present VOCAPEOPLE in Boerne on March 6, 2014.

Boerne Performing Arts is bringing the world of performing arts to Boerne…and residents of Boerne, all you have to do is drive about 5 minutes to Boerne Champion High School where the parking is free, and the traffic is easy!

These artists (and their agents) do NOT know how to pronounce “Boerne” prior to their arrival…but our goal that they will be talking about Boerne as one of the great small towns in America when they return home to Indianapolis, Australia, Canada, Ireland, and the planet of Voca.

For more information about Boerne Performing Arts or to purchase tickets ($30-$60) to one of these events, visit, or call 830-331-9079.