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December's Digital Art Exhibit Wows at the Visitor Center

During the month of December photographer and digital artist Mark Holly’s creations will be on exhibit and adorning the walls of the Boerne Visitor Center. His unique printing and digital editing techniques are a sight to see in person.Mark Holly Photography - "Powwow 2009"

Photographer Mark Holly’s work consists largely of photos taken throughout the U.S., Mexico, and Europe applying typical processing techniques to enhance their appearance to more closely match what he saw at the time the photo was taken.  These techniques often include, dodging & burning (lighten & darken), sharpening certain area edges or overall, adding clarity or removing haze, cropping, etc.  These are the same techniques used by any type artist to emphasize the story they are trying to tell with their artwork or photo.  The finished product is often indistinguishable from a painting and he often has people ask, "is that a painting?"Mark Holly Photography- "Utah Christmas 2010"

In addition to this more traditional type photographic fine art he also creates "digital artwork."  This may include combining multiple photos into a composite, adding, removing or drawing new elements, major distortion of colors or shapes, or anything that might alter the original scene other than the techniques described above.  Mark Holly Photography- "Willow City Loop April 2014"

He prints most of his own artwork so that he retains complete control over the finished product.  Materials used are the best quality pigment inks and fine art papers available today with the latest Epson equipment.  He prints most often on canvas but often use more traditional photo papers and cotton rag art papers.  Recently he has been using aluminum with a technique where the inks are infused or sublimated into the metal using very high heat.  These finished metal prints offer deep and vivid colors with exceptional sharpness which works with many surprisingly different scenes or digital works.Mark Holly Photography- "Fredericksburg April 2015"