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These are a few of MY favorite things! (Part 1)

I (Tori Bellos; Marketing Specialist at the Boerne Convention & Visitor Bureau) do not claim to be a foodie or a connoisseur of anything but I can tell you that I LOVE to eat food and I’ve been doing just that in Boerne for the last 27 years. Should anyone be curious here is my “Tori 2 Cents” on yummies in Boerne. Checkout 8 of my hometown favorites below and keep an eye out for part 2 of this post where I’ll share some more.

Boerne Epicure Gourmet Market- These folks know how to craft a sandwich! The Tu Tu Tango is my solid go to not because their other choices aren’t good. I’ve never had a sandwich that I didn’t love however this one makes my mouth sing with Creamy brie, crispy granny smith apple slices and baby spinach on rustic panini bread with spicy apple-garlic jam!

The Creek Restaurant- It’s not a regular soup so when you go and the Lobster Bisque is on the menu make sure to order a BIG bowl (or 2). This soup puts all other restaurant’s attempts at lobster bisque to shame. The poblano bisque (regular soup de jour on Fridays) is also fabulous. For days that a bowl of soup isn't going to cut it the Shrimp Tampico (Jumbo Gulf shrimp lightly breaded, pan-fried with a lemon-garlic butter sauce, accompanied by angel hair pasta topped with fresh cilantro and Serrano peppers) is to die for!

Cypress Grille- Thursdays are Cypress Grille days in my book! The lunch special on Thursday is their Chicken Pot Pie with Sautéed Green Beans. The pot pie is not served in a traditional pie shaped fashion. The crust is not a crust at all but a delicate flakey puff pastry nestled on top of a thick chicken pot pie “filling” and the green beans are served on top of the pastry.  Talk about comfort food! If I'm headed to lunch and it's not aThursday the Texas Cobb Salad (Grilled gulf‏ shrimp, bacon, avocado, goat cheese, fresh herbs & grapefruit) or the Grilled Shrimp Campachana (Grilled Shrimp,‏ Avocado, Peppers & Blue Corn Tortillas) are my regulars and they are both oh so tasty.

The Dienger Trading Co.- They may be new to town but I’ve darkened their doorway for lunch MANY times. Hands down the quiche is my fave and I recommend it to visitors all the time. I could eat the whole quiche in a sitting if given the opportunity. Another go to order is the Antler Room Cobb Salad featuring smoked pork loin from Klein Smokehaus just down the road. Curious about the red frog? Check out the blog post about Bernie the Frog for more information.

The Dodging Duck Brewhaus- Makes a nice pint of beer but The Heart of Boerne Salad gets my vote for a lunch order. You can’t go wrong with hearts of palm & artichoke, mixed greens, dried cranberries, toasted pecans, blue cheese & bacon with their incredible homemade celery seed vinaigrette.

Hungry Horse Restaurant- Hungry Horse is the place for comfort food in Boerne. It is said that “man cannot live on bread alone”. Whoever this man is obviously has not had the muffins that come with your meal at Hungry Horse. Another Tori must order is the macaroni and cheese as a side or order it in a big bowl as a meal on it's own. It may not be a very balanced meal but I won't tell if you won't! Pregnancy cravings with my first child lead me to the golden cheesy goodness and there was no turning back.

Little Gretel- Since working at the Visitor Center here in Boerne I’ve learned that Kolache are a BIG deal in Texas and there is a right and a wrong way to make them. My Kolache mentor and guru; Chef Denise Mazal, has shown me the light and I now know what my breakfast pastry go to is when I'm in the mood for something Czech. Some of her Kolache designs are event copy written. How cool it that!?


 Z’s Gourmet Wood Fired Pizza Mobile Food Trailer-  Z’s takes the cake (pie rather) with their Fungi Pizza! Zack & his culinary team (IE: PIZZA GENIOUS’S) have won my heart with this mushroom and cheese pizza. Quality ingredients make all the difference in the world and this group has sought out the best and I love them for it!