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These are a few of MY favorite things! (Part 2)

Thank you for returning for more culinary delights in the second half of this blog post! I have to say that writing a post has never made me hungrier, and now I know where my extra 10 lbs has come from....lunch in Boerne. I will be honest though. IT'S WORTH IT!

Soda Pops Patio Bar & Grill- Yes, they do make a good burger and their sweet potato fries are also grand however I’d pass them up for a large order of their fried pickles! Most joints fry up the little slices. Soda Pops does it with the spears and pairs them with homemade ranch. Can’t beat that with a stick! A word from the wise….  Let them cool a bit because they stay hot longer than the little pickles and fries after popping out of the fryer. You don't want to damage your tastebuds before they get the change to party! 

Sugar Belle’s Cake Shop- What girl doesn’t love cupcakes?  They are found just off of Main Plaza in an adorable little old wooden house.Cream Brulee' is her Wednesday special and it rocks! Can’t make it on Wednesday check out the Red Velvet since it’s there daily. HOWEVER if you’re in Boerne on Saturday  grab a Texas Sheet Cake cupcake. Grab a great cup of coffee from The Wander'n Calf while you are there since they share the space. Wendy ( WC owner) knows her coffee and always has great recommendations for coffee novices like myself. She also makes a mean scone! My favorite is her Chocolate Chip Scone! Update since the initial post: Sugar Belle's has hit the road and opening their mobile bakery soon, & the Wander'n Calf has a new location just up the road in Comfort, TX.

259 Brantley’s Bistro- In the previous post I listed the chicken pot pie at the Cypress Grille. However the pot pie at Brantley’s has gotten a lot of attention on FB from you and Gayle here in our office said it’s the best pot pie SHE has ever eaten. I thought I’d pass that tidbit along. MY favorite is actually an appetizer that is a serious calorie splurge that is well worth every point. The Loaded House Made Potato Chips. Think baked potato with all the fixings and thick sliced potato chips that are like a cross from a thin French-fry and potato chip. Mmmm. Just last Sunday the San Antonio Express News sang praises to 259 and included the Loaded Chips!  

Bear Moon Bakery- A favorite things list for Boerne food would not be complete without a serious shout out to Bear Moon Bakery. Their breakfast bar and pigs in a blanket are known far and wide (I personally like the Cheesy Pigs or Jalapeno Hogs over the original) but the lesser known Kugelhopf stole my heart this past year when our director brought them in for breakfast and there was no looking back for my BMB breakfast standard. (Yes, this is a photo of my breakfast last Wednesday.)The yum factor doesn’t end at breakfast here though. Lunch is grand and they have wonderful wraps and sandwiches. The Chipotle Grilled Cheese; or as I call it the big kid grilled cheese is my lunch go to and it’s fabulously gooey and flavorful.

Bumdoodlers- Bum’s as anyone who has been here more than once calls it; is about as “local” as it gets if you want a Boerne lunch experience. Hands down my favorite is; and always has been, the Brainstorm ordered hot! (salami, ham and turkey with cheddar and swiss with the works on their biggest roll with mayo and mustard) Be prepared; if you order this sandwich hot it will be melty and you better grab extra napkins. Also if you do not order a cup of broccoli cheese soup you will be doing a great disservice to your taste buds. A half sandwich and cup of soup is lunch perfection! Bum’s also houses Geri’s Pies so get excited! You better order pie with lunch too. Let’s just say that my wedding cake with chocolate cheese cake from Geri’s for a reason!

Mary’s Tacos- Locals will tell you Mary’s is where you go when you want a breakfast taco that will fill you up. No lies these tacos are HUGE. I love their bean & cheese tacos (Note to non-Texans: Yes, this is an acceptable breakfast option so come on down!) and they are my typical morning order HOWEVER when they have the Chicken Tinga Ranchera I’m game for 2 tacos!

Sarika’s Thai Café- They are so convenient for us here at the Visitor Center since they are located just across Main Street/Business 87. I was introduced to their Thai Lettuce Wraps by my predecessor (Shout out to Wendy: come home so we can go to lunch!). They are the perfect size for sharing and you won’t leave feeling overly stuffed and full of carbs. We would also order the Summer Rolls with Peanut Sauce. They are a perfect starter!  At lunch they also serve hot and sour soup that is pretty yummy too and helps make a shared meal the right portion. Be aware that if you split a meal you will have to pay for a second soup.  Just recently Sarika’s has added a sushi bar. I don’t have enough sushi experience to give a recommendation but the two times that we have ordered it everyone at the table gave a resounding thumbs up. Also I recently had the Gang (Red Cury) Chicken. Very yummy soup!


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