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I’m a Lucky Girl: Winter Kayaking Boerne Lake

I kayak. That being said, I’ve only kayaked for about a year and a bit, so I’m certainly not an expert. I won’t go anywhere I think I might be in danger, and there have been times where I thought I was in danger, where everyone else thought it was fine and I was a silly goose. I absolutely love rafting down the Guadalupe, and have been lucky to kayak down parts in Ingram/Hunt, Center Point, Comfort, James Kiehl River Bend Park, Waring, Sisterdale and down all the way to FM 3351. There are challenges along the way, and if the river level is up, those challenges can be significant, and usually are the cause of my chickening out. It’s important to check with local authorities regarding recent storm effects, possible dam releases (particularly Canyon Lake in our area), and any other hazards. It also goes without saying, wear your PFD- personal flotation device, that’s a life vest; don’t leave home without it.

Since it’s wintertime, and a chilly 68’ today in our little part of the world (so glad we’re not experiencing February on the East Coast!), the Guadalupe is not my top go-to option; chilly brrrrr. I stay close to home to kayak and luckily for me, close to home has one of the most delightful gems of a kayak location anywhere- Boerne Lake! On the west side of town, just off the I-10 frontage is Boerne Lake. When I chat with people, it always amazes me when they say they’ve never been out to the lake. I love it so much; it’s literally one of the first features I mention when I tell friends what makes Boerne such an idyllic hill country town. Folks can go to the lake to picnic, barbecue, fish, swim, frisbee golf, hike, jog, boat, paddleboard and likely a dozen other things I can’t think of at the moment. It’s nirvana 5 minutes from Boerne’s town center.

I can toss my ‘yak in my car and be over at the boat ramp on the left side of the park, in just a few minutes. Once there, I unload my boat, grab my gear and put phone, keys etc. in a waterproof box. I learnt the hard way not to forget the waterproof box; you can thank me later for reminding you about that important piece of gear.  Everything loaded up, I grab my pfd and paddle out. The soft lapping of the water along the edges of my kayak, the splash of the paddle, light breeze rippling across from the south and I let out a deep sigh as the world slips away. Sometimes I paddle over to the left and coast along the berm, other times I head to the right and paddle all the way up the lake and into Upper Cibolo Creek. It’s another perspective all together, viewing the landscape from the water, watching turtles pop up to eyeball me and then pop back down in a splash of bubbles, great white herons perching in the trees, native coreopsis, Texas mallow and Mexican hat growing along the banks, I often wish I had a hammock attached to my boat; I would float on forever. A little piece of bliss right in our own backyard! I’m a lucky girl.

~ Guest Blogger: Tricia Laffer


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