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Heading to Boerne: Then vs. Now

Boerne "The Key to the Hills"How could we not share such a treasure! While digging in old files left by my predecessor (thanks Wendy!). I found this historical gem promoting Boerne, the “Key to the Hills”, encouraging people to relocate and move to Boerne. We giggle now because our charming community is no longer a well-kept secret and we have plenty of residents to support our community. Please check out the full document to really appreciate this historical tidbit. The rest of this blog is really just my cheeky Tori Two-Cents on a few of its components.

Many of the selling points from (1920-1930 ish) are the same today but several are not things that the average home buyer would think to include on their relocation wish list.  Take a gander at the historic photos and enjoy a chuckle with us!

Boerne Historic StatsMy personal favorite is a FACT that they state at the top of the brochure “Average summer temperature 65 degrees”. Just about every Texan knows that there isn’t a place south of the panhandle that can claim this. Also, that little bit about the water supply being inexhaustible is a laugh too. (cough cough…water restrictions!)

Boerne, the Hub of the Hill CountryIt looks like Boerne has always been “The Hub of the Hill Country”. “Good roads radiate in all directions into the Hill Country guiding tourists to marvelous scenery and fishing, hunting and camping grounds.” The roads connecting us to our hill country neighbors have been vastly improved over the last 8 or so decades. To this day, we highly recommend staying here and exploring Boerne, then venturing out to the surrounding hill country communities for the remainder of your visit.

Camp AlzafarCamp Alzafar was on the map then boasting its location “on a high cliff overlooking the beautiful winding Guadalupe River”. They mention that “a trip through the Hill Country is not complete unless it includes a visit to Camp Alzafar.” The Camp is still there and going strong serving the Shriner community with 70 cabins and trailer sights. The facility is only open to Shriners and their families today, but the Texas Hill Country is home to dozens of youth summer camps that fit the bill for almost any child’s summer camp desires.

Historic Boerne Buildings- St. PetersBoerne-ites do love our historic buildings! “Beautiful church buildings add much to Boerne’s charm for tourists and residents." We can all agree that they are still a selling point to this day for tourists and residents alike! It’s kind of neat to read this document and think at the time it was produced our beloved old buildings were considered “new construction”. For more informational snippets about our historic churches and buildings, grab a copy of our Historic Walking Tour online or in the Visitor Center.

Boerne IndustryAt the time, “Industry” referred to farming here in the Texas Hill Country. As a recent homebuyer in the area, if you would have told me “there are numerous dairies and poultry farms” I think that would have sealed the deal to not move here. There’s nothing like the smell of a dairy farm in the summer you know. ;) The good news is the statement “practically every known farm crop will grow” still stands and you can see that variety in our weekly local farmers market.

Boerne GolfTourism seems to have always been a priority in Boerne. The list of attractions have changed a little; “Modern hotels, boarding ranches, tourist camps, golf course, swimming in pools & streams, camping, fishing, hunting & horse-back riding”. At the time the golf course & swimming pools were open to tourists free of charge. “Courtesy cards may be obtained at the Chamber of Commerce”. Free golf would be nice wouldn’t it? I have to say, I’m thankful for the creation of the Hill Country Mile, the discovery of the caves, the addition of our art scene, development of our municipal parks & trails as well as the many other additions to the Boerne tourism scene since this document was printed.