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Have Your Pie and Give Back Too!

Peggy's on the Green Pies- BoerneTalk about a sugar high! When the call came to attend a “Pie Tasting” at Boerne’s newest restaurant, Peggy’s on the Green, I was the first to sign up. Having had their chess pie a month ago when they first opened, I knew I was in for a tasty treat. Boy was I right! By the end of the event everyone in the group had tried seven different pies and we loved them all! If you ask ME, it’s a tie between the Bourbon Chocolate Pecan & Peanut Butter Pies.

Chef Mark Bohanan has jumped into Boerne feet first and is making his love for his community a priority right off the bat with two, very sweet and generous fundraising campaigns. Both campaigns benefit the Boerne Education Foundation, which is dedicated to ensuring that students of all levels and abilities can reach their potential through an education that will last a lifetime.

Pie in the Sky Giving Campaign

With his mother’s lifelong commitment to education in mind as well as her famous chess pie recipe, which Mark proudly features on Peggy’s on the Green’s menu, Bohanan has come up with his first giving campaign for his new restaurant: Pie in the Sky.

Pie in the Sky will run through the month of November. For every chess pie ordered at Peggy’s, at $30 a pie, the restaurant will donate $15 to the Boerne Educational Foundation, a nonproft that Mark knows his late mother would have been delighted to help support. Just as Bohanan’s mother’s chess pie was his favorite part of the holidays, it will soon become your family’s too. Chess pies can be ordered daily throughout the month of November by calling 210-254-3651.

Peggy's on the Green Boerne- Chess Pie

Peggy Bohanan’s Famous Chess Pie

Mark Bohanan’s mother Peggy was always whipping up pies. She would make ice box pies, peach pies with the fresh peaches from the family’s backyard trees, and sky-high lemon meringue pies. Bohanan’s favorite pie, though, was his mother’s chess pie. The pie, an old Southern staple, is simple and timeless — made with just flour, butter, sugar and eggs and then usually a secret touch or two from whoever is making it.

Although the pie was simple enough to make, Peggy only baked her famous chess pie on Christmas, Thanksgiving and for special occasions.

While Bohanan isn’t entirely certain where Peggy’s chess pie recipe came from — he thinks it was probably a collaboration between his mother, grandmother and his Aunt Ethel — the recipe has been in the family for years, and often guests who try it say it’s like no other chess pie they’ve tasted before.

As a child, Bohanan loved the pie because he didn’t get it every day, and, of course, because it was marvelously sweet and rich.

At Peggy’s on the Green, Bohanan uses his mother’s original recipe for the pie, but he’s added a few fine touches with its presentation such as house-made caramel sauce, seasonal berries and a quenelle of freshly whipped cream. Even though Peggy thought the decadent chess pie should be reserved for celebrations, Bohanan has a feeling if his mother was here to see Peggy’s on the Green, she would understand that every night at Peggy’s is special, for through the restaurant, her legacy lives on.

Peggy's on the Green Pies- Boerne12 Pies of Christmas

Peggy’s on the Green’s season of giving doesn’t stop in November. After Pie in the Sky, Peggy’s will be holding a 12 Pies of Christmas Campaign where a new pie will be featured on its menu daily throughout the 12 days leading up to Christmas. Total profits from each $8.95 slice of pie sold at the restaurant from December 10-23 will be donated to the Boerne Education Foundation.

Parade of Pies for 12 Pies of Christmas Campaign

1. Apple Cider Cream

2. Bourbon Chocolate Pecan

3. Pumpkin Chiffon

4. Key lime with Chocolate Crust

5. Peanut Butter

6. Caramelized Ginger Peach with Almond Crust

7. Lemon Meringue made with our own Lemon Mousse recipe

8. Blueberry-Lemon Curd with Cornmeal Crust

9. Mixed Berry with an Almond Orange Crust

10. Salted Caramel Apple

11. Chocolate Tart with Candied Cranberries

12. Banana Cream