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Take in Boerne’s sights and … sniffs?

Joshua Springs Park & Preserve- Hannah Evans & GypseaWe could tell this car trip was going to be special as soon as mom closed the car door. She had loaded far more into the back seat than usual. A typical trip to the park warrants only our leashes and an extra bottle of water or two. We were sharing the back seat with big bags this time. Something’s up for sure.

Boy, were we right!

I’m Chico, the dashing dude on the left in the red collar, and my sister and walking companion is Gypsea. Boerne City Lake Park- Hannah Evans & CrewOur mom, Hanna, LOVES us …  A LOT! Last weekend, she took us on an exciting adventure into the Hill Country, and we had a blast getting familiar with all sorts of new sights and smells in a town called Boerne.

After checking into our pet-friendly hotel, we headed out to a place called Random. There was so much going on out there! There were other dogs to meet and greet, kids to give us scratches and pets, and mom shared her dinner with us! I don’t know exactly what a “slider” is, but I know that I LOVED it! Mom must have been having a great time because we were there for a long time. We really enjoyed watching everyone playing games and dancing to the band. We slept really well that night!

We went to breakfast in town the next day. My nose was in heaven! We walked up to a place called Bear Moon Bakery, and I just knew we would get some treats. And boy did we! Mom enjoyed a plate full of food—eggs, bacon, sausage, pastries and fruit. She must have been really hungry because she went back in more than once and came back with more food. She even let us try all sorts of little nibbles from her plate after I showed off my sit and stay skills

Cibolo Trail in Boerne- Hannah Evans with Chico & GypseaAfter breakfast, took a walk around town. I could tell mom was planning her next shopping trip as we passed by all the cute stores.

We loved the trail that ran along the creek, but I don’t think the resident ducks enjoyed our energetic greeting. Too bad, it would have been fun to play with them for a bit, but Mom said “No way!” to splashing in the creek.

Then we popped into a little store that must have been made just for Gypsea and me! Fetch & Friskers was a dream come true. Squeaky toys, chewing toys, tugging toys, collars, bandannas, new beds and TREATS as far as the eye could see! We left the store with a bag full of treats and a new red collar for Gypsea so we can match. Mom also snuck a ball into her purchase without us knowing. We had a blast playing with it the rest of the trip!

Cibolo Nature Center- Hannah Evans & GypseaAfter a yummy patio lunch at Little Gretel—mmm ... sausage is my favorite—we spent the afternoon at the Cibolo Nature Center splashing in the creek (finally!) and sniffing all around the prairie, woodlands, and marsh! There were so many new smells out there. Mom even took her shoes off and waded in, too.

We wound down with another fabulous evening with new friends, tasty food, exciting music and fun, fun, fun. This time we were at a place called The Roundup. We played with our new ball in their dog park and had a blast!

Little did we know, there was only one day left in our trip into the Hill Country. The good news is that mom had scheduled a very full day of fun for us! We had another great patio breakfast, this time at The Dienger Trading Co. If you go there, try the bacon! We heard it’s from Klein’s Meat Market just up the road from the Dienger. Yum!

Joshua SPrings Park & Preserve- Hannah Evans & ChicoWe finished our Hill Country adventure by visiting two parks: Joshua Springs Park & Preserve and Boerne City Lake Park. We made several friends while chasing our new ball around the dog park at Joshua Springs. We were two lucky pups!

Mom brought our bag of treats, and we watched the sun go down after a breezy walk across the dam at Boerne City Lake Park. That weekend was one for our doggie record books.

Boerne City Lake- Hannah Evans & GypseaI have so many great memories from Boerne—we’re going to have to do this again!