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10 NEW Art Al Fresco Pieces Added to the Boerne Public Art Scene

Boerne- Art Al Fresco-Solar WindWhat’s with the art? If you’ve been to Boerne recently you may have noticed some new faces and shapes about town. Boerne has added some new pieces to the permanent public art collection as well as an entirely new Art Al Fresco temporary exhibit.  This temporary exhibit will be in place through February 2018. The exhibition is a year-long public art competition that may result in an additional piece(s) becoming a part of the permanent public art collection.


Vote for Your Favorite Boerne Art al Fresco Pieces!

If you’ve made the rounds of the temporary exhibit, and have a piece or two that you love, please share your thoughts with us! The public can vote for their favorite outdoor art pieces online or via the Otocast app on a smart device.


Boerne- Art Al Fresco-Giant BirdTake Advantage of the Audio Tour

The Otocast app is not only an avenue to vote, but it’s an audio tour that includes ALL of the pieces in the permanent and temporary collections. The tour includes information about the individual pieces and the artists. Many of the segments have been recorded by the artists themselves, giving you insight into what inspires their art.  Downloading the app is simple and free. On a smart device, head to your app store of choice and search for “Otocast”. Once the app has been installed you will be prompted to select a’re looking for the “Boerne, TX- Art al Fresco 2017” tour. It’s easy to navigate from one piece to the next on the tour as you travel around town.


2017-2018 Collection (and some thoughts)

Boerne- Art Al Fresco- Stainless Steel SentinelSTAINLESS STEEL SENTINEL

This was the first piece I noticed during the installation period. It’s located on the sidewalk across from St. Helena’s Episcopal Church on the Hill Country Mile. The blown glass “discs” and the metal “ribbons” situated at the top of the piece are eye catching and stand out against the blue sky along the treed horizon in front of the Patrick Heath Public Library.


Boerne- Art Al Fresco- Great BirdGREAT BIRD

I have to be honest, it was not love at first sight for this piece.  However, it has grown on me. The more I’ve examined the details of the piece I’ve come to really enjoy it. Seek it out in the bioswale as you approach the Patrick Heath Public Library.


Boerne- Art Al Fresco- White Deer of AutumnWHITE DEER OF AUTUMN

At first glance you would never guess that this piece is a bronze statue. It looks like it’s made of stone and has been polished to shine. It’s also located on the library grounds. It’s nice to visit the library and see four pieces from the new, temporary collection mingled with the permanent collection works that call the property home.


Boerne- Art Al Fresco- Low-Poly Heart No. 5LOW-POLY HEART NO. 5

This piece has drawn a lot of attention; you may have noticed many of this year’s prom photos using this sculpture as a backdrop.  The friendly shape and vibrant color pops nicely on the back lawn of the library.


Boerne- Art Al Fresco- Starry NightSTARRY NIGHT

The sparkle in the deep purple paint on this piece makes it just that much more intriguing and enjoyable to look at! The first time I saw this piece I had stopped by the Sugar Shack to get a sweet treat with my wee one, so now it makes me think of strawberry shakes when I see it. Fun memories!


Boerne- Art Al Fresco- Four, Three, Two, OneFOUR, THREE, TWO, ONE

This one is located a stone’s throw away from Starry Night at the Cibolo Trail Head. This piece kind of makes me think about the three bears…if they were giants. Please note that it’s very tempting when you are a small child to climb on tall things, and this sculpture beckons loudly to be conquered. HOWEVER, it is art, not a playscape. It has been asked that kids (and kids at heart) not climb on this, or any piece of art on display.


Boerne- Art Al Fresco- Foundation of the Doo DahFOUNDATION OF THE DOO DAH

To me, this abstract piece feels very industrial, and I think it’s rather appropriate that it’s been installed on the Old No. 9 Trail at the train depot. The artist is a sculpture professor at UT Tyler, and he mentions in the tour that he’s influenced by language and the poets of the Beat Generation. I’d say that my favorite component of this piece is the blue rod being threaded through the loop at the top. I’m not sure why, but it speaks to me somehow.


Boerne- Art Al Fresco- In a PinchIN A PINCH

The stone in this piece is a glacier rolled stone from the Wichita Mountain Range in South West Oklahoma. According to geologists, it’s older than the Rocky Mountain Range by several thousand years. I thought that was a fun little nugget of information from the Otocast Tour. 



Boerne- Art Al Fresco- Bull

It’s no bull, this piece will catch your eye immediately as you enter Boerne on Highway 46. It’s one of those pieces that make you happy when you see it. I know it makes my heart smile when I drive by.



Boerne- Art Al Fresco- Solar WindSOLAR WIND

It’s tricky to see this piece when you drive by on Highway 46 so, I highly recommend making plans to walk the Cibolo Trail starting at City Park so you can get a better look at this kinetic piece. The bike wheels spin when the wind blows, and the light dances off the reflectors; it’s incredibly whimsical and worth the trek.

Written by: Tori Bellos, Boerne Visitor Center Marketing Specialist