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Kids Say the Darndest Things

Cibolo Nature Center- Boerne- KidsThe Cibolo Nature Center is one of the most popular natural attractions for families in Boerne. The staff at the center have been collecting letters and quotes from some of their smallest visitors to share with us and show that kids really do say the darndest things!

From the Cibolo Nature Center & Farm: Our mission is to promote the conservation of natural resources through education and stewardship. With that being said, it is truly nature’s playground for thousands of children that visit us every year. Whether it be through our summer camps,

Cibolo Nature Center- Boerne- Muddy Kids

nature school, outdoor classroom, farm classroom or at one of our family festivals held at the Herff Farm, we see lots of kiddos coming through here and in turn, have the pleasure of hearing first hand, what they think of their time spent outdoors. And we have to say, KIDS SAY THE DARNDEST THINGS! Here is just a sampling of some of the insightful (and often hilarious) things these kiddos have said which make our mission at the nature center so very worth it!


Quotes from Kids

Cibolo Nature Center- Boerne- Kids and bugs"Did you know the sun is just a big flashlight?" - Mary, Nature Camper

“I don’t know what I caught but its moving!” - Emily, Nature Camper

“Where is Grandma’s wacking stick when you need it?” Evan, Nature Camper

“Does the creek have heaters, cause it’s cold….it’s warmer over here, I just peed.”- Nature Camper who would like to remain anonymous

Cibolo Nature Center- Boerne- Kids “I love nature school, can I keep it?” – Zoe, Nature Schooler

In response to the question, “what do you do at nature school?” - “Duh, we nature!”  - AJ, Nature Schooler

A sundial is like a clock without electricity…like an umbrella.” – Jack, Nature Camper

When asked, “What kind of bug is that?” - “It’s a slow one, cause I caught it!”- Evelynn, Nature Schooler


Letters from Kids

The nature center also receives hundreds of letters and photos every year from the kiddos that visit us through our outdoor and farm classroom programs-here’s just a sampling of the lovely words of thanks that come our way.

Cibolo Nature Center- Boerne- Kids ArtDear Mr. Lars,

Thank you for what you did and being a volteer. I like the sculls you showed so I’m wondering did you find the allgater head? I just wondering so I’m in 3ed grade if you were wonder if you get this I hope you in joy the leter.

Sincerely Landon


Cibolo Nature Center- Boerne- Kids ArtDear Ms. Stephanie,

I really like that you tought use a lot of things that I think my brain might explode! I loved catching things in the marsh, but I don’t like getting dirty and wet, but I still had fun! So I really enjoyed being at your station!

Love Keira


Cibolo Nature Center- Boerne- Kids ArtDear Ms. Stephanie,

I really enjoyed your stashon there is so many different kinds of animals that you can tech us. When we were there and you denistrated it is like you had the majic touch.

Sincerely, Austin


Kids really DO say the darndest (funniest, sweetest and insightful) things…and we feel pretty darn lucky to provide the inspiration of nature here at the Cibolo Nature Center & Farm!