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Special Treasures at Boerne's Second Saturday Art Beat

Boerne Art BeatWhat gives our small town of Boerne its charm? Is it being tucked away from all the hustle and bustle of the big city? Seeing the history that still echoes in the buildings that line main street? Or maybe it’s the unique shopping experience that the “big-box” stores can’t provide?  We say: yes, yes, and yes…but, there’s also something more; the ART.

Artist, photographer and Boerne Second Saturday Art Beat participant, Libby Castle, shares a new perspective on this exciting new event and what makes being an artist in the Boerne community special.

Boerne Art BeatBoerne’s art community stands out because of the caliber of talent our local artists poses.  We, the artists, also love to connect with the community and share stories about our art first hand. Meeting with people and hearing about what they feel when they see a certain piece brings me a feeling of pride and great joy as a creator. Being an art collector myself, I love to meet and talk with the artist as well. It makes the art more meaningful once I bring it home.

Boerne Art BeatThat is precisely what Boerne’s Second Saturday Art Beat is all about! Creating a memorable experience for the public. Art galleries and local businesses have teamed up to bring you a heart-racing fine art experience where you can see amazing art and connect with the artist. Come join us every Second Saturday of the month from 4 - 8pm and take a “walk on the art side”. Look for the flashy banners displayed throughout Boerne, visit Boerne Art Beat on Facebook or grab a map of participating locations.

Guest blog post by: Elizabeth Castle, Photographer & Artist