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Welcoming Christmas at the Don Strange Christmas Light Fest

Boerne Visitor Center staffer, Erika Yount, explored Christmas Light Fest out at Don Strange Ranch for the first time ever last weekend! Ride along with her for a firsthand account of her festive experience out on the ranch.



Exciting Times Ahead

As my husband and I rolled up to the gates of the Don Strange Ranch nearing closing time this past Sunday night, both of us first-timers, I could see the twinkle of the lights off in the distance.  My eyes brightened with excitement like a child on Christmas morning as we made our way to the front.  I could hardly wait to see what this Texas hill country Christmas experience was all about! After we were kindly greeted by the ticketing attendant, we slowly drove through the first lighted archway that welcomed us to the trail.  So we turned on our favorite Christmas songs and proceeded to the route!

Feeling Like A Kid Again

We drove through the ranch and shared ooh’s, ahh’s and laughs when we spotted flying reindeer, sledding penguins, and a giant Texas flag all depicted in brightly colored displays.  We also snapped a few photos as we meandered through the light tunnels!



Just up ahead of us, we spotted Santa’s Village!  Our windows were rolled down, and the smell of a roasting fire filled the car as we moved closer.  When we got out of the car, I spotted photo booths, a cart for hayrides, and an opportunity to feed longhorns! 


Yummy Snack Stop

We walked up to the barn house to discover Santa’s Village, a quaintly decorated open space with so much to see.  To our right, we were welcomed warmly by the staff, and to our left was a counter full of holiday goodies!  Sausage on a stick, hot chocolate, kettle corn and a plethora of other foods and beverages were available to satisfy our cold-weather cravings.


Chatting With Santa

After scanning the barn, we headed to the vendors where we saw tons of neat gifts, jewelry, Christmas decorations, and handmade items!  Before we made it to the vendor tables, we found Santa milling around after the last child of the night had shared their Christmas wishes.  He explained to us with great joviality of how the start to this year’s Light Fest has been so special.  We could tell he really enjoyed getting the chance to hear what the kids of the Texas Hill Country wanted for Christmas this year!

More Lighted Fun

When we finished making our purchases and warming up by the heaters in the barn, we made our way back to the car to continue our journey.  On the way, we spotted the Grinch, Winnie the Pooh and friends, brightly lit trees wrapped in lights, and SO much more. I'll let you discover the rest!

Headed Home

This is only our second Christmas together, and we were so glad we got to ring in the holiday season with a visit to the Don Strange Ranch for this charming Christmas Light Fest!

Written by: Erika Yount, Boerne Visitor Center Admin