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All The World's A Stage...In Boerne, Texas!

2018 is right around the corner, and Boerne Performing Arts is gearing up for another great season of presenting international performing artists from around the world.  Dance, Instrumental Music, World Music and the Vocal “Wonder from Down Under” will entertain residents of the hill country as Boerne Performing Arts kicks off their seventh season.


The season will start with a sizzle!  Straight from Buenos Aires, Argentina’s hottest tango show, TANGO FIRE will feature spectacular dancers, joined by a quartet of brilliant musicians, and promises an electrifying evening that showcases some of the speediest footwork and tightest twirling in the dance business!  If you think Dancing with the Stars is amazing…wait until you experience this Argentinean troupe live, on stage, on Tuesday, January 23

Then get ready for the biggest “squeeze play” this side of the Mississippi as the infectious, rambunctious and altogether wondrous sounds of the ACCORDIAN VIRTUOSI OF RUSSIA fill Champion Auditorium.  Founded in Leningrad in 1943, the Virtuosi amaze and delight their audiences with daredevil feats of keyboard and button prowess as they tackle music from Khachaturian, Scott Joplin, Strauss, and Bernstein.  This Boerne Performing Arts season, “fun” will be spelled “A-C-C-O-R-D-I-O-N!”   Thursday, February 15, will feature this 30-piece ensemble, which has performed at the Olympics in Munich, Montreal and Moscow.

As a special event, THE TEN TENORS will return from Down Under with their new show, “Wish You Were Here”.  This tribute is a celebration of musical legends lost before their time.  Honoring artists from David Bowie to Amy Winehouse to John Lennon, these loveable TEN will take you on a feel-good journey through some of the world’s greatest hits.  The Tenors kick off their 2018 North American Tour in Boerne, Texas…so make sure you save your seat now for this Tuesday, February 20 event.

Back by popular demand and last but not least, on Friday, April 13, TAO will present their newest show, Drum Heart, which was premiered on The Late Show with Steven Colbert.  This large-scale drumming production showcases the ancient art of Japanese taiko drumming in a contemporary and innovative fashion.  Be amazed at the strength, precision and physicality of these drummers!!  Boerne will welcome back a favorite for the entire family!

Boerne Performing Arts tickets ($20-$60) are available by phone: 830-331-9079; online:; or in person: Greater Boerne Chamber of Commerce located at 121 S. Main Street in beautiful downtown Boerne.   All shows are at 7:30pm at Boerne Champion Auditorium.