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Little Gretel Restaurant - Chicken Paprika Recipe!

LITTLE GRETEL CHICKEN PAPRIKAChef Denise, of Little Gretel here in Boerne, TX recently shared a favored recipe (Chicken Paprika) from her youth in the Czech Republic. “I love the way my mother prepared it and now I am passing this recipe to my daughter. It is a very simple and quick dish for all to prepare and enjoy,” Denise told us.  Children in the Czech Republic couldn’t help but love this recipe.  It is commonly paired with spätzle, or chicken bread dumplings. Now you can spice up your everyday cooking routine and give this recipe a try on your little ones!

Recipe History

“The Chicken Paprika recipe is the remnant of Austro-Hungarian cuisine using brooding hens that have ceased to bear eggs,” Denise explains.  She goes on to say that in lieu of hens, chickens are used in the dish today.  After the chicken is cooked, it is glazed in a cream sauce flavored with sweet Hungarian paprika.  Is your mouth watering yet? Ours sure is!

Little Gretel Restaurant

Overlooking the Cibolo Creek on Highway 46/River Rd., stands Boerne’s Little Gretel, a traditional German and Czech restaurant that pays homage to the authentic tastes of Germany and the Czech Republic.  It is a favorite spot for breakfast, lunch and dinner plus the offer a fabulous brunch on Sundays.


Chicken Paprika a la Chef Denise


4 pc chicken breast 8 oz. each
1 small onion chopped
3 Tbs. oil
4 Tbs. Hungarian Paprika
2 Q.t chicken stock
250ml Half+Half
¼ -1/2 cup flour


Sprinkle salt over chicken pieces one hour prior to cooking
In large pot, sauté onion in oil until translucent
Stir in Paprika slowly add chicken broth (homemade broth is the best), bring it to a part-boil and reduce the heat to simmer
Immediately, add salted chicken pieces
Cook for 20-30 minutes, (inner temperature 165F)
Remove the chicken, set aside
Add mixture of Half+Half with flour to the sauce and generously whisk it
Season it with salt if needed
Pass the sauce through the sieve

Serve with your choice of dumplings, spätzle or rice.

Dobrou chut! (Enjoy your meal!)

Chef Denise

Written by: Erika Yount, Boerne Visitor Center Admin