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Find A Little Something For Your Garden in Boerne!

A Little Nature Store GardenThe Hill Country Mile’s retail opportunities are vast and varied. For the gardeners and nature lovers among us, a can’t-miss stop for locals and visitors is A Little Nature Store. A trip through the garden and around the shop will leave you inspired to accessorize your own outdoor space and accommodate the wildlife that frequent it. 

A Little Time in the Garden

Let’s first and foremost point out that this is the only store on The Mile that has a true garden. It will beckon you and your shopping partners to stop and relax to enjoy a moment of recuperation. Take a load off on a swing, an Adirondack, a picnic table that looks like a century old tree stump, or even in a GIANT chair (pictured above). The space is filled with feeders and fountains, and the local fauna love it. There is likely to be a variety of feathered friends or bushy tailed squirrels that will be close by for your viewing, too! If you’re hitting Main St. with youngsters or a bookworm, take a peek inside the miniature phone booth-shaped “Free Little Library” and see if there are any literary treasures in there that tickle your fancy.

A Little for the Birds

Aspiring ornithologists and bird enthusiasts will fall in love as soon as they walk through the front door of the historic Gottlieb-Weiss House. The Bird Room is filled with all sorts of goodies that will make your back-yard birdies feel like they have been spoiled.

Bird feeders – SO MANY BIRDFEEDERS! Hummingbird feeders, platform feeders, squirrel-proof feeders, suet feeders, tube feeders, thistle sacks, window feeders, house feeders and more!
Bird houses – These birdie condos are all so unique and adorable. Regardless of their architectural preferences, these bird houses are sure to please your feathered friends.
Bird food – There is a whole room full of feed choices. Purchase the perfect food (by the pound) for the types of birds that you would like to attract to your space. They also have an assortment of suet, feed blocks, nuggets, corn cobs, peanuts and more.
Other bird resources and goodies – Books, ID charts, bird baths, nesting “fluff” and more.


A Little for the Kids

Looking for a unique, educational gift for a special kiddo? A Little Nature Store has 2 rooms full of toys, books, plush items, puppets, games, mini-garden tools and more. One of the two rooms is entirely devoted to creatures of the night with a heavy focus on bats.


A Little of Everything Else

The front room is filled with a variety of exciting treasures including, jewelry, fountains, geodes, and other garden accessories. Their windchime rack is brimming with music makers in an array of pitches that would set a relaxing and whimsical tone on any back porch. They are worth checking out next time you are in the Boerne area, because you never know what you will find.

Written by: Tori Bellos, Boerne Convention and Visitors Bureau Marketing Specialist