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Step Back In Time During Boerne History Day

Boerne is fortunate to have a wealth of its history preserved for its future generations. To celebrate the future opening on the Kendall County Historic Jail Museum, the Boerne Area Historical Preservation Society is hosting the first annual Boerne History Day on Saturday, May 26, 2018 from 10:00am-4:00pm.

Six properties around the Boerne community will be available for tours throughout the day. Starting at 9:00am on the day of the event, tickets can be purchased for $15 cash behind Boerne City Hall on Historic Hill at the Kuhlmann-King House (402 E. Blanco Rd.), and also at the Kendall County Historic Jail (208 E San Antonio Ave.).

The following locations will be marked with colored balloons and numbered signs to help guide event participants:

1. The Agricultural Heritage Museum – Established in 1986, the museum currently sits on 5 acres and illustrates how agricultural rural life was lived in Boerne. There is a main museum building as well as a blacksmith shop, a woodworking shop, a pioneer house, a wagon house and outdoor exhibits of antique farm machinery and implements.

2. The Henry J. Graham Building – The building was relocated from Sisterdale to Boerne in 1984 and showcases a typical business building from the 1800's. Built in 1891, Henry J. Graham used it for his real estate, insurance and banking businesses. It would later be used for other businesses such as a beauty parlor, a peanut and popcorn shop, a barber shop and an antique shop.

3. Kendall County Historic Jail – Built in 1884, the two-story, primitive, limestone structure served as the Kendall County Jail for 103 years. Today it’s being given a new life as Boerne’s newest museum!  The work to make the jail ready for public viewing is almost complete and this is one of the first opportunities the public will have to walk inside and experience the old cell blocks where prisoners scrawled graffiti on the walls.

4. The Kuhlmann-King Historic House – Built in 1885 by a German druggist, this early rubble stone two-story home is completely furnished with period pieces that were donated to or purchased by the Historical Society to depict what an early home was like in Boerne. Discover paintings on the walls of those who once resided here, as well as a gift shop to complete your tour of the house.

5. The Pioneer Kitchen – As you stand on the front porch of the Kuhlmann-King House, you will see the Pioneer Kitchen Building to your right. It is a one-room building that exhibits old-fashioned items used during everyday life in the late 1800s. The kitchen has always been separate from the main house due to the threat of fire from the fireplace and wood burning stove. If you look around the corner of the building, you'll see a cement block where a charcoal filter system once stood. Although it is no longer in use, it is the only charcoal purifying system still in existence in Boerne!

6. The Theis Family House - This pioneer home built by a German immigrant in 1858 was one of the initial 10 residential structures in Boerne. It is a remarkable example of how an early pioneer built a home from willow branches, cedar posts, dirt, clay and animal dung. It is a rare surviving example of this style of construction and was refurbished and furnished with period furniture.

Written by: Tori Bellos, Boerne Convention and Visitors Bureau Marketing Specialist