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Taco 'Bout Boerne

WARNING! Reading this blog post WILL make you hungry for tacos. Every time we turn around, it seems like there is a new taco place opening its doors here in Boerne…and we are not complaining! Each taco restaurant in town has their own special spin on breakfast tacos, street tacos, beef tacos, chicken tacos, and more. So which one should you try first? We are here to help you decide. Check out some reviews from locals, visitors, bloggers, regulars and first-timers below!

Casa Amaya –

All you Instagrammers (or maybe you’ve got kids with Instagram?) may have seen or heard about the popular @Boerne_Taco_Talk page.  These local high schoolers give their own (comedic) reviews of Boerne’s best when it comes to tacos! Their thoughts: “Casa Amaya offers some of the highest quality, most unique food in Boerne.” You can keep your belly – and your wallet – fat and happy!

Mary’s Tacos –

Have you been to Mary’s on a Saturday?  The line is out the door!  Mary’s recently celebrated 5 years of business here in Boerne.  The staff is up and at ‘em early every day, rolling dough for their signature flour tortillas. Instagram’s @Boerne_Taco_Talk discusses their favorite taco, “The Sean”.  “Mary’s classic menu item is essential to any Boerne taco fan’s palette. It is the fundamental combination of beans, cheese, potatoes, bacon, and dreams - all in perfect proportions.”  Another Instagrammer writes on the post “Ole reliable”. The @Boerne_Taco_Talk guys have the funnies. Experience tried and true favorites at Mary’s Tacos, folks!

Centinela –

Those who took time to write their reviews on Yelp for this Mexican-food haven rave about Centinela’s flour tortillas.  You’ll find great prices here and get a full belly before you leave. Alan from Boerne said, “The service is friendly, attentive, and prompt . . . Their flour tortillas are some of the best we've had.” Always trust a Texan when it comes to the Tex-Mex taste!

Guadalajara Mexican Grill –

We’ve got another review from @Boerne_Taco_Talk! One of their favorite spots for tacos, and they all collectively agree, is Guadalajara, which they refer to as “Guad” for short. The guys’ review? “Each and every one of these tacos will knock your socks off with their tasty goodness and will take your taste buds for a ride with their ideal combination of flavors.” This is definitely a favorite lunch spot for those who work here in Boerne, too, because of the fast service and yummy dishes!

Boerne Taco House –

If you’re hungry for some street tacos (pictured here), you will love the Boerne Taco House’s take on this delicious dish.  This taco joint is pretty new to town, but some locals have already made this their regular spot! Facebook reviews are glowing.  Dainelle Scott from Boerne comments, “We love Boerne Taco House, food and service are both impeccable! A place where they know you by name!”

Don Ruben El Tejano –

@Boerne_Taco_Talk is at it again speaking highly of our next feature. They say Don Ruben El Tejano “offers a homey atmosphere with unparalleled service.” This restaurant is family-owned and often overlooked as it is on the far north end of town. They boast great taste, a friendly atmosphere, and a lot of bang for your buck!

Mague’s Café –

Mague’s Café celebrates its 10th Anniversary this year, and has been a Boerne favorite for locals and visitors ever since it opened.  An out-of-towner writes on their Facebook page, “I love Mague’s. I literally drive 2 hours just to come here for the bean and cheese and bacon [taco]. That's my favorite. It's never failed me yet.”  Those who partake in their meals also love their prices!

El Rio –

El Rio is known for their friendly service and delicious Mexican-fare. Robert on Yelp had great things to say about his family’s experience explaining that, “Food was delicious and super fresh. Service was outstanding and great atmosphere. Highly recommend for a good inexpensive meal.” The El Rio margaritas get lots of attention too!  If you’re of age, give those bad boys a try alongside your tacos.

Written by: Erika Yount, Boerne Convention and Visitors Bureau Admin