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12 Reasons You DON’T Want to Miss the Kendall County Fair

Kendall County Fair

It’s almost Kendall County Fair time y’all (August 30- September 2) and local blogger, Shawna Holly of Sowing Seeds is guest blogging today about her first time at the fair last year! If you’ve never been, here is an inside look at the event so you can start working on your Labor Day weekend plans!

You guys, I’m a bit ashamed to admit it, but even after living in this wonderful town of ours for several years, last year was my first trip to the Kendall County Fair.  Crazy, right?  Pregnancy and young babies were always my excuse not to go, but last year we said, “Let’s just do it”, and I am so glad we did!  What was so great about it?  Well, let’s take a look!

Kendall County Fair1. You can take advantage of off-peak hours to make things so much easier: We arrived about noon on Saturday.  There was no line of cars waiting to get in and parking was a breeze.  There were plenty of Champion High School Air Force JROTC cadets directing traffic and it was all just easy-peasy. 

2. There’s a discount for some and kids are free: We purchased our entry at the gate (again, with no line!) and were pleased to find out that there was a military discount and kids twelve and under were free…awesome!  

Kendall County Fair3. A well-designed layout means no overcrowding: We spent the first 15 minutes or so just walking around getting a feel for the layout of the place and had a whole conversation about how much it just made sense.  All the rides, ticket booths, and a couple of food vendors were in one area off to the right and all the rest of the food trucks, local vendors, pavilion, exhibit hall, and musical entertainment were on the other.  This setup was so much better than most county fairs as it really divided up the crowd, so no space felt too busy.  This meant we spent less time worrying about losing track of the little ones and more time taking it all in and enjoying it ourselves!

Kendall County Fair4. A fantastic selection of rides for kids: We spent forty-five minutes or so riding the rides with a five-year-old and three-year-old, and we still didn’t get to them all; that’s impressive!  The Ferris wheel and carousel came first, of course, as they’re by far our kids’ favorite rides everywhere we go.

5. The music and atmosphere: We enjoyed our lunch to the tunes of live music covers of Patsy Cline, Loretta Lynn, and Luke Bryan…kids bobbing and dancing around to every song.  It was just  As a mom, there are times when you sort of mentally file things away as a perfect moment and this was one of those.  No one was screaming, overtired, refusing to eat, or trying to run away.  The band was great and we had the chance to chat with a few neighbors we hadn’t seen in a while…it was just perfect.

Kendall County Fair

6. The food!: Once we started getting hot and tired, we grabbed some lemonade and meandered on over to the pavilion in search of food.  This, of course, is always my favorite part.  I mean, can you really go wrong with fair food?  We scored a table in the corner, right in front of the giant fan (yay!) and chowed down on pulled pork BBQ sandwiches, cheeseburger sliders and fries, mozzarella sticks, street tacos, and funnel cakes.  Yeah, you read that right.  We hit up FOUR food trucks for lunch.  Doesn’t everybody?  Ha!

Kendall County Fair7. The exhibit hall and contests: After our tummies were sufficiently full, we wandered into the exhibit hall.  We walked and talked about the things we saw and explained to the kids what all those red, white, and blue ribbons meant.  With such young kids, our family hasn’t competed in any kind of fair competitions before, but it sure looks like a lot of fun!  If you missed it, local businesswoman Amy Bierstedt of From Scratch Farm wrote a fantastic blog post all about her family’s experience participating in the competitions last year.  I don’t know if I could come in first, second, third, and best of show like Amy did with her baked goods, but she sure makes me want to try!

Of course, there was so much more to the fair that we didn’t get to see and do.  This year, I hope to make it out to experience more of what we missed, like:

Kendall County Fair8. The Kendall County Fair Parade (Saturday morning through downtown Boerne)

9. The crowning of the Queen’s Court (Thursday)

10. The livestock show (Saturday and Sunday) and rodeo (Friday-Sunday)

11. And the Kendall County Cowboy (Pictured here at the parade)

Kendall County Fair12. The date night potential!: I think it would just be so much fun to leave the kids at home and spend the night walking around, taking in all the lights and sounds with my husband…and not have to share my cotton candy if I don’t want to!  Maybe I can even talk him into a bit of dancing in the pavilion. (2018 music lineup includes: Aug 31- Spazmatics, Sept 1- Bart Crow Band and Sept 2- Holly Tucker)

I hope you’ll make it out this year and that you’ll consider getting involved somehow (with the exhibit hall competitions, volunteering, however you see fit).  There is just something special about a county fair: whether it’s because we can feel the fleeting days of summer and are aiming for one last hoorah before it ends, or if it’s the anticipation of the coming fall that we’re excited about, there’s just something to it that you don’t want to miss.  And the Kendall County Fair, in particular, is one that offers so much to see and do for the whole family.  You won’t be disappointed.  We’ll see you there!