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5 Holiday Cocktail Recipes from Salvador Dobbs

Salvador Dobbs Bar in BoerneLooking to add a new cocktail to the mix for your next holiday party or happy hour? Salvador Dobbs has shared some of their new creations as well as tried and true favorites that will surely liven up your next event! Not throwing a holiday soiree this year? Gather a group and head over to Dobbs to let the capable crew behind the bar do the cocktail crafting for you! Check their live music schedule on Facebook and plan accordingly before you go too.

We sat down with Veronica, the owner of Salvador Dobbs, and she shared four of her seasonal favorites from their menu. They have introduced two new cocktails for the Christmas season including a chocolate martini with a Christmas twist – a candy cane rim! Their “manlier” seasonal choice is the smoky Chacmool, which is similar to the classic Old Fashioned. Ladies are more than welcome to sit back with one of these cocktails too!


Chocolate Martini from Salvador Dobbs in Boerne, TXChocolate Martini

1 oz Creme de Cocoa

1 oz Vodka

Shake, shake, shake and strain over a chilled martini glass rimmed with chocolate sauce and crushed candy canes (for the holiday spirit).

Who doesn't like a chocolate martini? Not personally being a fan of creamy drinks, the DOBBS Chocolate Martini is made free of cream. It’s tasty and smooth!


Rx-Mas Margarita from Salvador Dobbs in Boerne, TXRx-Mas Margarita

Smoke infused rosemary margarita

1.5 oz smoke infused tequila*

1 dash simple syrup

1 dash of lime juice

1 large ice cube with frozen cranberry/rosemary

Rim glass with smoked salt (dip glass in lime juice so salt will stick)

*Smoke (burn) rosemary and capture in inverted glass. Then add tequila to infuse.

Next, add simple syrup and lime and stir. Garnish with a sprig of rosemary.

A festive, lower calorie version of a margarita. The smoke infused tequila ads a whole different layer of flavors to savor! Check out this video of how they infuse the tequila at the bar. The instructions here are a little easier to reproduce at home.

Chacmool from Salvador Dobbs in Boerne, TxChacmool

Smoked Old Fashioned (the guys drink!)

Muddle one sugar cube

3 dashes of Angostura bitters

2 oz of DOBBS in-house smoked Bulleit Rye Bourbon

Garnish with fresh orange rind

In a short tumbler or rocks glass, pour over one large ice cube. Sip and take in the smoky flavor of this twist on a classic drink.


Dobbs New Tipsy Hot Cocoa from Salvador Dobbs in Boerne, TXDobbs New Tipsy Hot Cocoa

Hot Chocolate with Rum Chata and Fireball

8 oz of Hot Chocolate

1 oz Rum Chata

1 oz Fireball

Stir and top with whipped cream in your favorite coffee mug.

Sip and enjoy in the cold weather by the fire or on the DOBBS patio in front of the fire pit castle.


Crackberry Mimosa from Salvador Dobbs in Boerne, TXCrackberry Mimosa

3 oz Bishop Crackberry Cider (or any berry cider, this one has a mix of cranberries, apples and blackberries)

3 oz of Brut Champagne

Rim champagne flute with simple syrup and crushed candy cane.

Mimosas are good at any time of the day! Sip and savor these delicious refreshing holiday flavors.


Co-written by: Tori Bellos, CVB Marketing Specialist and Veronica Brown, Owner of Salvador Dobbs