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5 MORE of Boerne's Best Burgers!

Last year, we posted  “5 of Boerne’s Best Burgers”, and we found that you loved it so much that it was time to do a “Part 2”. Naturally, we know there are more than just 5 burgers to gush about around town - so this year’s list includes YOUR input and 5 more burgers! For those of you who love to explore new tastes while traveling, see which burgers were recommended to us for “Part 2” of the “5 of Boerne’s Best Burgers”, and make plans to try them all yourself.

The Dodging Duck – Brewhaus Burger

Looking for a little Texas-kick on your plate? Brittany McClure says the, “Brewhaus Burger patties are juicy and full of flavor, and the jalapeno bun is so delicious!” This burger packs a half pound of fresh Akaushi beef underneath a toasted jalapeno cheddar bun. You can customize your burger with your choice of cheese and bun if you so choose! Top off your meal with one of the Duck’s many sides including (but not limited to) handmade potato chips, Bavarian potato salad, or classic French fries! We are only one burger into this blog and my mouth is already watering…

Hungry Horse – Mumbo Jumbo

Boerne’s Hungry Horse is known for their delicious comfort foods like baked potatoes, meatloaf, chicken fried chicken and so much more. However, Kort Breaux affirms that the Mumbo Jumbo from the Hungry Horse is, “Truly a Boerne classic”, which makes it a must for our list! I mean…just look at that picture. Layers of gooey American and Swiss cheese on a crisp, toasted bun with TWO six oz. burger patties. Fresh veggies finish it off and include lettuce, onion, tomato and pickles and your choice of side dish! Is your tummy rumbling yet?

259 Brantley’s Bistro – Cabrito Burger

This locally raised, half-pound Cabrito burger is served on a wheat sourdough bun. Topped with Texas-smoked, thick-cut Applewood bacon, garlic aioli, and naturally raised lettuce, red onion, and Marfa tomato. Mary Sibley assures us that, “The Cabrito Burger at Brantley’s 259 Bistro is the best!” When your ingredients are as fresh as 259’s, it’s got to be good, and we know you’ll love their quaint atmosphere.

O’Brien’s – Prime Rib Burger

Lynlee Seibert’s pick for this list? She says, “The Prime Rib Burger from O’Briens ... please do not forget that one!” At O’Brien’s, you can create your perfect burger. Their Prime Rib Burger is one full pound of certified chargrilled Angus beef. Take your pick between sourdough, wheat, or rye bread (and Texas toast!) – or a sesame seed, jalapeno or wheat bun…YUM! Toppings are in no short supply and include grilled onions, sautéed mushrooms, Pico de Gallo, and bacon. Freshly cut French fries make a perfect pairing for this hearty sandwich!

BlackBoard Bar B Q – Wagyu Burger

Gillian Rodriguez tells us, “Your taste buds will thank you” when we sink our teeth into BlackBoard’s Wagyu Burger. This is a half pound of in-house ground, smoked wagyu meat doused in a smoky barbecue remoulade and red onion jam, complete with pickles and cheese on a griddled brioche bun, and paired with seasoned hand-cut fries! Is that a mouthful or what (pun definitely intended)? Call ahead to reserve your burger because it is served in limited quantities only after 4pm. For every Wagyu Burger sold, they will also donate $1 of the burger price to the Sisterdale Volunteer Fire Department. In other words, we dub this a guilt-free burger!

Written by: Erika Yount, Boerne Convention and Visitors Bureau Admin